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I know you're all good at your jobs, and might not want my help, but they hired me for a reason. This place is a tangled mess. Every generation or so, the City just gets bigger, taller, more complicated and deadly. They build new skyscrapers on the bones of old ones, pile new levels on, try to reach higher and higher, turning the whole thing into as many tunnels as towers. Corporations run it all, sneering at us through neon and advertisements, with the fatcats living up high, and everyone below them, well, literally below them; Downstream, where all their waste drips, day in and day out. Dracogenics is the big dog on the corporate porch. It's their city. We're here to change that.

Our main target is Dracogenics' ace up their sleeve; res-tech. Resurrection. Life after death. If you're rich enough and important enough, they can save you, like a file. When your meat-body dies, they just download you into a new one. Rich assholes in suits get to live forever. Poor people lose their bodies to let it happen, fed into the process like factory parts. We know the res-tech is housed in the heart of Dracogenics HQ. We've got to fight our way there, one district at a time, learning everything we can, gearing up, finding their secrets and weak points while we arm and armor ourselves. This won't be easy. Once we've taken the res-tech from them, though, it'll be worth it.

~ Mission control

The City is the setting of Satellite Reign.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Cities of the future are monstrosities, built on top of old cities. Layers of concrete, metal and neon lights resulted in all of the central cities around the world looking the same and functioning the same, ruled by corporations. The rich live up high, poor down below. Constant "rain" falls from the levels above.

This city is special, the home of the Dracogenics corporation, the target of the agents.

Locations[edit | edit source]