Agent Support Female.png
Support Agent

Support is one of the four Agents.

The Support Agent's primary skill is the World Scan, revieling another map of circuits and networks in the world. The Support agent plays as medic and leader, boosting ally abilities and restoring their stamina.


Health.png Health - Increase maximum health and regeneration
Weapon Specialist.png Weapon Specialist - Increase damage output
Pack Mule.png Pack Mule - carry more gear

Field Medic.png Field Medic - boots team health and health regen
Mark Target.png Mark Target - Increase the target's received damage
Leadership.png Leadership - Improve team cooldown, energy regen, and max energy
Team Stims.png Team Stims - Enhance senses and reflexes for a short time
World Scan.png World Scan - Displays the connections between various systems

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