Agent Soldier Male.png
Soldier Agent

Soldier is one of the four Agents.

the Soldier Agent's Clone will always be larger, particularly the males, thus health is the primary trait for the Soldier. While being the tank and gunner of the team, the soldier also serves as the engineer using Hardwiring to force open doors and knocking out power and using explosives to greater effectiveness. The Soldier can always operate Poison Valves gainaccess to otherwise hazardous areas.


Health.png Health - Increase maximum health and regeneration
Weapon Specialist.png Weapon Specialist - Increase damage output
Pack Mule.png Pack Mule - carry more gear

Drew Fire.png Draw Fire - enemies focus their attacks on the Soldier
Explosives.png Explosive Specialist - Increase explosives' effectiveness
Harden.png Harden - Decrease damage received by agent
Hardwiring.png Hardwiring - rewire some objects
Rage.png Rage - Temporary damage boost

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