Satellite Reign Wiki
Cloak Cloak
Drew Fire.png Draw Fire
Drone Puppeteer.png Drone Puppeteer
Explosives.png Explosive Specialist
Field Medic.png Field Medic
Hacking.png Hacking
Harden.png Harden
Hardwiring.png Hardwiring
Health Health
Hijack.png Hijack
Leadership.png Leadership
Mark Target.png Mark Target
Master Assassin.png Master Assassin
Master Technician.png Master Technician
Master Thief.png Master Thief
Melee Attack.png Melee Attack
Pack Mule.png Pack Mule
Rage.png Rage
Team Stims.png Team Stims
Weapon Specialist.png Weapon Specialist
World Scan.png World Scan

Skills allow for differentiating agents and specializing them in particular fields. Skills have a variety of characteristics. Some improve stats while others grant new abilities. Generally, ability skills have a cost such as consuming Energy or causing an agent to lose movement. Be sure to read each one thoroughly before selecting them. A player can run through the game many times and choose a completely different set of skills to level up. This will dramatically alter the playing experience and players can custom build the agents depending on the player's style.

All skills will cost from one to four Skill Points depending on the skill and its current level. Skills Points are collected by each agent as the agent's level rises (one point per level). Points can be saved until enough are built up to purchase another rank in a specific skill. Agents gain experience for leveling by performing actions, trespassing, and in combat. The actions of one agent will affect the experience gain of the other living agents. Dead agents cannot gain experience.

In Ironman mode, all the skills and experience of an agent are reset upon that agent's death.

All Agent Skills[]

Health Health - Increase the maximum health and regeneration rate of your agents
Weapon Specialist Weapon Specialist - Increase the damage output of your agents (and the number of weapons the Soldier can carry)
Pack Mule Pack Mule - Allows the Agent to carry more gear

Soldier Skills[]

Draw Fire Draw Fire - Causes enemies to focus their attacks on the Soldier
Explosive Explosive Specialist - Increase explosives carried, damage of explosives, and radius of explosives (grants purchase of granades)
Harden Harden - Decrease damage received by agent
Hardwire Hardwiring - rewire some objects in the environment
Rage Rage - Temporary damage boost

Support Skills[]

Field Medic Field Medic - give team bonuses in both health and health regeneration
Mark Target Mark Target - increase target's damage received
Leadership Leadership - Increase cooldown speed, energy regeneration rate, and max energy for all agents
Team Stims Team Stims - enhance senses and reflexes for a short time
World Scan World Scan - Displays the underlying connections between various systems and networks within a limited range

Hacker Skills[]

Drone Puppeteer Drone Puppeteer - Allows the hacker to control personal drones
Hacking Hacking - Bypass the security on secure terminals
Hijack Hijack - Hijack the neural implants of other citizens, giving you full control of them
Master Technician Master Technician - Increases laser weapon damage and shield regeneration rate

Infiltrator Skills[]

Cloak Cloak - Cloak for a short period of time, avoiding visual detection.
Master Assassin Master Assassin - increases sniper rifle damage output and range.
Master Thief Master Thief - allows the use of zip lines, high vents, and theft of facilities
Melee Attack Melee Attack - Silently attack enemy units with a Katana