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Satellite Reign is a real-time, class-based strategy game from 5 Lives Studios. You control a squad of four agents, each with distinct and unique abilities as they vie and battle for control of a fullysimulated, living, cyberpunk city.

The game world is designed to facilitate emergent gameplay, giving you the tools and freedom to play how you want to play, so you can create strategies and scenarios that not even we had anticipated!

Customise your team with the strength to destroy your enemies head-on, or hack into their facilities to manipulate their infrastructure without them ever knowing you were even there.

Will you take down your enemies with brute-force? Covert espionage and infiltration? Or will you use propaganda to influence the citizens of the city and overthrow the controlling powers?

Satellite Reign will be released on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Game World[edit | edit source]

The world’s governments are manipulated by mega-corporations. Society is structured to the benefit of those in power. The poor are kept in the gritty depths of the city, the wealthy live lives of luxury on the upper tiers, and the vast middle-class are too comfortable with their lives of convenience to see the world for what it really is. Corporate police patrol the streets to maintain the status quo, under the guise of keeping the people safe.

But now, a mysterious organisation has risen from the depths of the city. They’ll have to bribe, steal, hack and augment their way through the barriers between them and their ultimate goal. But what are they trying to achieve? To free the masses from the corporate stranglehold, or to take control for themselves? That’s up to you.

City Simulation[edit | edit source]

This is one big, open, living metropolis. The city isn’t just a cool location (although it is pretty cool), it actually functions like a city; the streets are bustling with people by day, and controlled by criminal organisations by night. Power grids actually power the city, information and finances flow from one district to another, and you can use all of these things to your advantage.

The entire game-world is designed around emergent gameplay. Civilians, police and corporate soldiers will all react uniquely to your actions. Power conduits, communication networks and security systems are there for you to hijack, modify or destroy. Learn how the city and its inhabitants operate, then exploit them all to advance your agenda.

The choice is yours
[edit | edit source]

The city is huge and you can move around and tackle objectives however you want to. You won’t be spoon-fed one mission after another, you will be able to use whatever means you can to get to your final goal. Bribe scientists to advance your technologies, and kidnap doctors to augment your agents. Steal money from the banks to fund your war against the corporations, and exploit neural implants to bend the will of others. Or, try to take your objectives through good old-fashioned brute-force.

Intense strategic combat
[edit | edit source]

Distinct character classes give you total control over how you approach a situation. Different classes with different combinations of augmentations, gear and weapons gives you the ability to customise your team and your experience.

Corporate espionage[edit | edit source]

Not every problem is easily solved by shoving a gun in its face. Sometimes the situation requires a bit more subtlety, a bit more finesse. Try siphoning cash out of the corporate account, bribing a bank manager to “misplace” his security pass, or steal the identity of a corporate soldier to pass through security checkpoints unseen.

FAQ[edit | edit source]

Is Satellite Reign a sequel to Syndicate Wars?
Satellite Reign is a spiritual successor to the Syndicate games and is being developed by a new team including one of the original creators of Syndicate Wars.
What distribution platforms will Satellite Reign be released on?
We are targeting Steam and GOG primarily with the possibility of other services as well.
Will Satellite Reign have DRM?
The option of DRM-Free versions of Satellite Reign will be available to all backers.
Will you be releasing on WiiU, Xbox One, PS4 etc?
We aren’t going to rule out the possibility, but at this stage, we’re concentrating on delivering a great experience for PC, Mac and Linux users first and foremost.
Will Satellite Reign have a Multiplayer component?
Multiplayer is a part of our plans, we are really excited about the prospect of cooperative and versus play. However the initial funding goal is tailored to allow us to concentrate on delivering a strong single player experience. Stay tuned and keep an eye on our stretch goals for more information.
Can I pledge to your campaign via PayPal?
We’re in the process of getting a PayPal option up and running as fast as we can. We’ll send out an update when we’re ready to go.
I really want a boxed copy of Satellite Reign!
We’re hearing more and more requests for boxed-copies of the game. Physical rewards are challenging to work into small budgets, but rest assured, we’re currently exploring all avenues to see if we can make this happen.
Why is it in pounds/Why can’t I pay with amazon payments
Unfortunately 5 Lives Studios doesn’t have a US bank account, so we weren’t able to setup a US kickstarter account.
Instead we have used our UK bank account to create a UK kickstarter account.
An unfortunate side effect of this is that all the prices show as pounds (we added approximate us dollar amounts).
And more problematically it seems the kickstarter payment handler wont allow Amazon Payments to UK accounts, and that is why you are asked to enter credit card details.