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Relay Beacon Map Icon.png Relay Beacons are the respawn points and fast travel points for the Agents.

Beacons are found in hidden nooks all over the city. They must be captured by the agents for every district.

There are XX beacons in the whole of the city:

  • 12 in downtown district (4 are part of the toutorial)
  • X in the Industrial District
  • X in the Grid District
  • X in the City Business District
  • x in Dragonetics Tower

Adjacentcy Bonuses[edit | edit source]

They will rapidly heal the agent's HP, repair their armor, and restore energy, ammo, and consumable gear such as Grenades. Agents must be near a beacon to alter their Weapons, Gear, and Augmentations and change Clones.

Fast Travel[edit | edit source]

From the [!] Mission Control map, the player can select a beacon and fast travel agents from any public location to the selected beacon by pressing on the agent icon in the data window or by pressing "Fast Travel All" to move the whole team at once. Any controlled unit can use the fast travel, including characters that have been Hijack.png Hijacked or are being escorted.

To traveling between Districts, the whole team must move at once.

Any agent that is trespassing, doing something suspicious, or is under any level of alert cannot fast travel.

Respawn[edit | edit source]

When being respawned, an agent will appire at the nearest beacon to their place of death.