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Rage.png Rage is a Soldier agent active skill. Rage doses the Agent's body with a concoction of stimulants, granting lightning-fast reflexes and pinpoint accuracy for a short duration. Can only be used in short bursts.

Effect[edit | edit source]

Rage is activated by pressing R

Rage will improve the damage output of attacks from the affected agents. A distinct hum will play and the soldier will have a red, flame-like hue around them. When the effect ends, the graphics will vanish and a similar hum will play.

All levels of rage have an AoE, but only the 3rd level mentions this and is much larger than the first 2 levels. If there is an agent in the radius, then the effect is added to them. If they walk out of the radius or if the soldier walks away from them, they will lose the effect. If an agent walks into the radius or the Soldier walks close enough after the skill has started then they will gain the effect.

Energy Cost: 65

Cooldown: 50 seconds after Rage wears off.

Rage.png Rage Leveling
Level Skiill
1 2 60% 12 Seconds .5 Meters
2 3 100% 20 Seconds .5 Meters
3 3 150% 30 Seconds 6 Meters