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[!] Missions deliver the game and help the player(s) move through the story and world.

Missions are handled by in-game menus called "Mission Control" where the map can be navigated and "Pings" can be set to help the player located terminals, locations, persons of interest, and packages. Mission objectives are marked on the map for visual navigation of the missions. Otherwise, the missions are sorted into a cascading file structure. Below is a summary of the available missions.

Recurring Missions[edit | edit source]

As the city is divided into districts, there are a few missions that are recurring:

Relay Beacons[edit | edit source]

"I have marked out the best locations for setting up our relay beacons in this district. Get your agents out there and set those beacons up." ~TAG

Every district has several Relay Beacon Map Icon.png Relay Beacons to activate. many of the missions will not become available until certain beacons are activated.

City Surveillance Authority[edit | edit source]

"It's time to send a message to the Eternals. Among other pies, they've got their finger in the CSA, the City Surveillance Authority. These are the ones who are "always watching over you," right, and that's the last thing we want. They have individual district compounds that oversee and monitor the data flow in each part of the city, and if we get inside this one, we'll be able to tamper with their facial recognition software, making our lives easier. " ~TAG

Every district has its own Camera system. Finishing these missions will increase the reporting time of a camera, giving the agents that much more room for error.

Bank[edit | edit source]

"It's time to talk cash. We can set up a long-term solution. Use our Hacker to hack siphon filters into ATMs around the city , soaking up smaller transactions here and there, hiding our theft as a rounding error. But, if you were thinking about a larger payday, we pay the bank a visit. Every district's got a major corp financial institution, the legit, supposedly-secure, economic hub of each district in the city. This is the lynchpin each district revolves around. If you're short on scratch and high on motivation, this is the place to hit. Sending our Hacker in will allow our ATM siphons to be doubly aggressive, increasing the rate of money trickling in... we can also go loud. Send the Soldier in to blast the vault, swagger in and grab all we can, just like in an action flick. " ~TAG

Every district has its own Bank. Sending in the Hacker for these missions will increase the yeild of ATM's. Sending in the Soldier will result in a large cash deposit into the Agents' account, but will immediately allert security.

Tutorial[edit | edit source]

Beginner missions that help the player learn commands. These missions can be skipped.

Project: Satellite Reign[edit | edit source]

Rescue Infiltrator[edit | edit source]

Find Fresh Clones[edit | edit source]

Check Point Credentials for Industrial District[edit | edit source]

Check Point Credentials for The Grid District[edit | edit source]

Check Point Credentials for City Business District (CBD)[edit | edit source]

Infiltrate Dracogenics[edit | edit source]

District: Downtown[edit | edit source]

District: Industrial[edit | edit source]

District: The Grid[edit | edit source]

District: CBD[edit | edit source]