Medical Emergency Pack

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Medical Emergency Pack
General Equipment Data
Item IDITEM_109
EffectHealing Item

A Medical Emergency Pack (nicknamed Magic Wand) is a piece of gear in Satellite Reign.

Description[edit | edit source]

They call them Magic Wands, these Medical Emergency Packs. They're cylindrical and fit snug in the hand with a textured, rubberized grip, with caps on both ends. The interior chamber of the ‘wand’ is pressurized. When you stuff it into a hole, and the microchip-sized thermometer on the tip of the wand senses body temperature, it fires; blasting into whatever wound you’d jabbed it into. A quick-seal foam, absolutely sterile and bio-friendly, a clear-crusting gel expands to seal the wound and stabilize nearby fractures, then hardens nigh-instantly to stop bleeding.