Agent Infiltrator Female.png
Infiltrator Agent

Infiltrator is one of the four Agents.

The Infiltrator Agent gets in and gets it down with advanced stealth, a silent sudden death, and precision aim. As the de-facto assassin, the infiltrator also backs up the cash flow by robbing the facilities of all their worth.


Health.png Health - Increase maximum health and regeneration
Weapon Specialist.png Weapon Specialist - Increase damage output
Pack Mule.png Pack Mule - carry more gear

Cloak.png Cloak - Cloak for a short period of time, avoiding visual detection.
Master Assassin.png Master Assassin - increases sniper rifle damage output and range.
Master Thief.png Master Thief - allows the use of zip lines, high vents, and theft of facilities
Melee Attack.png Melee Attack - Silently attack enemy units with a Katana

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