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Hijack.png Hijack is a Hacker Agent Skill allowing the control of an NPC. It has 5 levels.

Once you have picked a target use your hacker to hijacked them and send them home for cloning.


Each level of this skill adds +1 unit to be controlled. Controlled units can be used for scouting, additional combatants, door openers, and clones.

Level Skill
1 Start 2 Hijack level 1 citizens
2 1 3 Hijack level 2 guards and bots
3 2 4 Hijack level 3 guards and bots
4 3 5 Hijack level 4 guards and bots
5 3 6 Hijack level 5 guards and bots



Hijack the neural implants of other citizens, giving you full control of them. Upgrades allow more simultaneous hijacks and higher levels. Each hijacked person lowers your energy regeneration. Higher enemies require higher energy rates to maintain, so be wary of how many people you are hijacking. If you use more energy then you can produce, your hijacked slaves will not function properly, reducing their reaction times and weapon accuracy.

By default, pressing "V" will activate the hijack option.

A player may Hijack NPC's to:

  • Acquire clones. Generally, stronger soldiers have more clone bonuses.
  • Use as cannon fodder to help you fight. They don't regenerate health naturally, however Relay Beacons and Support nanobots can heal them like the rest of your allies.
  • Scout. Hijacked soldiers will be ignored by cameras and patrols. Send them out alone to recon. They can shoot cameras and hack 0 level Data Terminal Map Icon.png Terminals.
  • Remove soldiers on patrol without making noise. Hijack the soldier in the back of the patrol so the others won't see (unless they turn around).

Hijacked NPC's display as a 5th character and can be selected by pressing "5". They have the following 3 options:


Unhijack - releases the NPC to carry out their normal life.


Send for Cloning - the NPC will walk into the shadows or a spawn point and despawn, then become available for cloning.

Clone Data

Clone Information - displays the stat bonuses the NPC would provide if they were cloned.



Scrambling causes an NPC to start firing on any target it sees. Scrambling will not take up energy regen.


MapIcon Jammer.png If there are Jammers in the area, the hacker will not be able to use Hijack. However, installing the Firewall Protection augmentation will re-enable this ability.