Agent Hacker Male.png
Hacker Agent

Hacker is one of the four Agents.

The Hacker Agent's best weapon is the computer. The Hacker can breach any security to obtain finances, open locks, and even make people into puppets. The hacker is also good with electronic toys, boosting shields, flying drones, and overcharging lasers.


Health.png Health - Increase maximum health and regeneration
Weapon Specialist.png Weapon Specialist - Increase damage output
Pack Mule.png Pack Mule - carry more gear

Drone Puppeteer.png Drone Puppeteer - Allows the hacker to control personal drones
Hacking.png Hacking - Bypass the security on secure Data Terminal Map Icon.png Terminals
Hijack.png Hijack - Hijack the neural implants of other citizens, giving you full control of them
Master Technician.png Master Technician - Increases laser weapon damage and shield regeneration rate

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