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Drone Puppeteer.png Drone Puppeteer is an agent skill in Satellite Reign.


Allows the hacker to control personal drones (equipped on the Gear screen). They are armed with an overclocked, unsilenced Kumasaka LP-35 laser pistol. The "overclock" likely refers to the improved damage output per level.

Hijacked drones don't count, since they go on the 'number of hijacked entities' counter, not on the 'personal drones' counter.

  • Each additional level increases drone health, armor, and damage output.
    • Shields are added at level 4 and are increased at level 5.
  • Level 3 permits the use of a second drone, and level 5 permits a third.
    • Each drone requires its own gear slot!

Passive ability.

Drone Puppeteer Leveling
Max Drone Count Incr. Drone Health Bonus Drone Armor Bonus Drone Shield Bonus Drone Damage Bonus
1 x+ 1 ? ? - ?
2 x+ ? ? ? - ?
3 x++ 2 20 30 - 20%
4 3 2 35 40 25 35%
5 4 3 50 50 50 60%


  • The health and armor of the HK-4 drone are not listed, and they can't be selected, so there's no way to know much they have.
  • Enemies can and will shoot at your personal drones. Hit point bars for your drones will appear when they get hit.
    • Personal drones remain cloaked when not shooting.
    • Unfortunately they do not benefit from cover.
    • If they take too much damage, you can un-deploy them so your agent can fire without risking the drone(s) being destroyed.
  • If a drone is destroyed, you do not have to buy another one. There is a hidden countdown timer, after which a replacement drone will arrive at your agent's location.