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Cloak Cloak
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Cloak Cloak is an Infiltrator Skill. Cloak for a short period of time, avoiding visual detection. Drains energy while in use. Upgrades will decrease the energy drain rate.


Setup Ability

Cloak is an active ability which is activated by pressing C. Cloak can be activated any time so long as the agent has enough energy. Cloaking can be activated while performing any task except combat. Cloaking will automattically deactivate if the agent fires a weapon, enters a facility, or their energy is depleated. Climbing through vents, entering elevators, using ziplines, and hacking Data Terminal Map Icon.png Terminals do not effect a cloak. While hacking or using a zip line, the cloak can be turned on and off. While in an elevator or vent, control of the agent is lost and the player cannot activate or deactivate a cloak, but energy will continue to drain if the cloak is active.

Energy Activation Cost: 20

Energy Cost per Second: ~10

Cloak Cloak Leveling
Level Skiill
Energy Drain
1 2 0%
2 3 10%
3 3 20%
4 4 25%