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Agents, it’s time to hit the Downtown District. We’re deep in the heart of the city, here, and it’s the best place to get started; no one calls the cops around here, they’re not that type of scum. The rich folks who slum here don’t want to draw attention, and the folks who live and work here full time know what happens if they talk to the police. No one wants to draw heat to the local black market, no one wants to drag outside trouble into their favorite club, and no one wants to be the one who disrupts the natural order – folks want to come here, have their fun, and get out. The Dracogenics presence here is mostly a group called the Wyverns. They're mercs or gangers turned corp-sec, handling the dirty work in the Downtown because Dracogenics proper can't be bothered.

Downtown is a district of The City.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Buried in the depths of the city, the downtown district harbors a seedy criminal element. Clubs and bars (people from the higher levels of the city come down to "slum" it at the clubs) are common. Major points of interest include the Chinatown (effectively a colony of China, a global superpower), markets, and two big compounds: criminal and military.

The district is constantly patrolled by Dracogenics forces. Patrols are under the direct command of the local "legitimate" criminal organisation, but everyone still reports to head office. Dracogenics use these patrols to train the rookie soldiers and "cut their teeth" in real-world situations. There are three main patrols in the area and three black market dealers.

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