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The Satellite Reign Team

Agents are the instrument of your fight for supremacy in the brutal world of Satellite Reign. Agents are player controllable characters that can be outfitted with augmentations, gear, and weapons; they may also be altered with Clones and specialized with skills.

Agent Overview[]

The squad is comprised of 4 different agents, each with their own class:

Soldier Support Hacker Infiltrator
Soldier Support Hacker Infiltrator
  • Soldier - The Soldier Agent's Clone will always be larger, particularly the males, thus health is the primary trait for the Soldier. While being the tank and gunner of the team, the soldier also serves as the engineer, using Hardwiring to force open doors and knocking out power, and using explosives to greater effectiveness. The Soldier can always operate Poison Valves to gain access to otherwise hazardous areas.
  • Support - The Support Agent's primary skill is the World Scan, revealing another map of circuits and networks in the world. The Support Agent plays as medic and leader, boosting ally abilities and restoring their stamina.
  • Hacker - The Hacker Agent's best weapon is the computer. The Hacker can breach any security to obtain finances, open locks, and even make people into puppets. The hacker is also good with electronic toys, boosting shields, flying drones, and overcharging lasers.
  • Infiltrator - The Infiltrator Agent gets in and gets it down with advanced stealth, a silent sudden death, and precision aim. As the defacto assassin, the Infiltrator also backs up the cash flow by robbing facilities of all they're worth.

Agent Stats[]

Every agent's Accuracy stat can be increased with Augments or Clones.

Every agent's Speed stat can be increased with Augments or Clones.

Agents will Melee Attack automatically when an agent is within kicking range on their target. Melee attacks will interrupt the target's actions, such as attacking, reporting, or running away.

Every agent can hack Data Terminal Map Icon.png Terminals, use a zip line, or hardwire a power station if the force command (Alt+right click) is given, but most will fail unless they have the skill or equipment. Those who do, have a 100% chance.

Agent Defense[]

HP Bars.png

Shields - Shields, represented by the top blue bar, are the first line of defense. Shields regenerate fairly quickly, but only when not taking damage. They're weak against laser weapons and strong against plasma weapons. (Gas will bypass shields.) Shield regeneration can be increased with Gear. Being next to a Relay Beacon Map Icon.png Relay Beacon will rapidly recharge shields.

Armor - Armor, represented by the middle gray bar, is the next line of defense. Armor takes less damage from ballistic weapons and less still from laser weapons. However, it takes a beating from plasma weapons. (Gas will bypass armor.) Besides the body armor itself, armor capacity can also be increased using Augments. All body armor provides some minor passive repair, but there are no Augments or Skills that increase it, so it will always be slow. Being next to a Relay Beacon will rapidly repair armor.

Health - Health, represented with a red bar, is the last line of defense, represented by the bottom red bar. When it runs out, death occurs. All weapon types (ballistic, laser, plasma) perform roughly the same against Health. Health capacity and regeneration can be increased with Augments, Skills, and Clones. Being next to a Relay Beacon will rapidly heal the agent. The Support agent excels at healing skills.

Energy - Energy, represented by the yellow bar, is used for sprinting and using abilities. Many actions will deplete energy including running, cloaking, activating abilities, and other actions. Energy capacity can be increased with Augments, Gear, Clones, and the Leadership skill. Energy regeneration starts out slow, but can be increased with the aforementioned methods. Being next to a Relay Beacon will rapidly recharge energy.

NOTE: A vertical black line is added to a bar for every 100 points. For example, in this picture, the target has 120 shields, 120 armor, and 200 health.


Death is permanent for the body, sort of.

If an agent's Health is reduced to zero, they are down. A timer begins to count down and they may be revived during this time by another agent. This agent must be adjacent to the downed team member to revive them. The helping agent is susceptible to being spotted and attacked. They cannot attack or use abilities, but a Cloak Cloak can be maintained.

If no agent can revive them in time, the downed agent's consciousness will automatically be stored for implantation in a new "Clone" that can be delivered at a Relay Beacon Map Icon.png Relay Beacon. A cloned body will degrade each time it is remade. Once the revive timer is spent and the agent dies, another timer begins that delays the ability to respawn. Once that timer is over, a final timer starts that is based on the agent's "cost." Augmentations, Weapons, and Gear increase the respawn cost and time. An agent can be revived instantly at the cost indicated. This cost counts down until zero. When the cost hits zero, the agent can be respawned at any time for free.

By default, all skills will carry over to the clone upon respawning. However, in Ironman Mode, all Skills and experience are reset to zero at respawn.